about chiropractic

In order for you to be healthy you must first and foremost make sure your brain is communicating with the rest of your body!

Your brain is your body’s command center and it’s the brain that controls and coordinates all function! Every cell, tissue and organ in your body must be able to communicate with the brain so it can do the job it was designed to do.

The way this happens is that the brain sends and receives messages via the nerve system.(Brain, spinal cord and nerves)  This nerve system is so important that it is protected by bone. The brain itself is protected with the skull, the brain stem and spinal cord is protected by 24 movable vertebrae (your back bone). Nerve bundles exit from between the vertebrae then branch out to all parts of your body… every organ, tissue and cell has a nerve supply to communicate to the brain. 


These vertebrae can get misaligned and when that happens the nerves are then compromised which in turn interferes with the communication from brain to body part. We call this a vertebral ‘subluxation‘ complex. When you have subluxations, your body cannot function properly… period!

This is where Chiropractic comes in.  Chiropractors locate and correct these subluxations allowing your body to regain normal function.

People think that health is being free from pain or dis-ease. This is not so…. Health is a state of optimal function .  Chiropractic is key to allowing your body to function optimally, to be optimally healthy!

Chiropractic is natural and safe for all ages .  At our office, we take care of all ages; from newborns to seniors.  We are proficient in several chiropractic techniques, therefore depending on age and condition of patient, we would choose the technique that would allow for optimal results.

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