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Since we are many chiropractors  and healthy practice supporters in the family, we thought we’d share with you some links to their websites.  There is a plethora of great information on their websites to help you learn more about health and wellness! Enjoy!

First our awesome kids:

Meet our son Dr. Alain Desaulniers and his wife Sarah Desaulniers.  Together they have two beautiful daughters, Ève and Olivia.  Alain has a chiropractic office in False Creek, Vancouver, BC, called “Revolution Health”. He also is host to amazing podcasts helping you revolutionize your life choices! Alain is also a life coach with “TribeX”.  Sarah is a very talented and sought after interior designer who is environmentally conscious, using ‘green’ practices. Her company is called Moor Design.

Dr. Alain’s office website

Dr. Alain’s podcasts at ‘Everyday Revolutions’

Sarah’s website for ‘Moor Design’

692E179D-957B-402A-A1E6-DDDD05F13C94 Meet our son Dr. Danny Desaulniers and his wife Rebecca Desaulniers.  Together they have a beautiful daughter Lucy!  Danny has a chiropractic office in Okotoks, AB, called “ADIO Chiropractic”.  Rebecca is former owner and creator of a market & studio in Black Diamond, AB, called “Branch”. Her many talents included not only the creations of incredible art pieces for sale, but also encouraged creativity and connection among all who come to her shop. Now she is taking time to be home to raise their beautiful family!

Dr. Danny’s office website

IMG_9312 Meet our daughter Dr. Brigitte Rossi and her husband Dr. Aaron Rossi.  Together they have a beautiful family of 4 children, Alex, Avery, Liam and Èvianna.   Both Brigitte and Aaron have a chiropractic office in Marietta, GA called  “Rossi Chiropractic”. Brigitte writes a wonderful health blog called “Healthy Families by Choice” where she shares her extensive knowledge in healthy practices.   Aaron also writes a blog with great gems on health.

Dr. Brigitte’s blog site: “Healthy Family by Choice”

Dr. Aaron’s blog site

FullSizeRender(3)  Meet our son Dr. Gil Desaulniers and his wife Dr. Marie Perron.   Together they have 3 beautiful children, Samuel, Amaya and Océane.  Both Gil and Marie have an office together in Port Moody, BC, called “Optimum Family Chiropractic”.

Drs. Gil & Marie’s office website

Here are some of our extended family’s websites as well.

Dr. Janelle Bohémier: in Vancouver, BC

Dr. Jean-Paul Bohémier, in Calgary AB

Dr. Joel Bohémier, in Naples FL

Dr. Greg Barnes, in Raleigh NC

Dr. Erik Thorlakson, in Fernie BC

Dr. Remi Champagne, in Nelson BC

Dr. Crystal Emard, in Palmdale CA

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, author of “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally”